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Support the CNC

Our Mission: The Friends of the Cibolo Wilderness exists to promote the conservation of natural resources through education and stewardship.

The Cibolo Nature Center is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. We are grateful for the generous support we receive from individuals, businesses, and foundations throughout the region. It is because of your support that we can carry out our mission. This organization does not share your personal information without your expressed permission.


It's easy to give with our safe and secure online form.  Your tax deductible gift provides essential funding for our education, research, and conservation initiatives.  Your gift can provide scholarships for underprivileged youth to attend the Outdoor Classroom or summer camp.  Any size gift will help provide necessary funding for free outdoor programs for families to spend time together playing and learning about nature.  Your generosity can help support the important research conducted two times a year leading to a better understanding of the wildlife of the hill country.  You can contribute to the effort to maintain over four miles of trails, the four distinct ecosystems at the CNC, or the restoration of the Herff Farm.

We thank you for your gift.  Together, we will protect and maintain the CNC and the Herff Farm at the Cibolo so that these wilderness areas remain open to the public to visit and enjoy.

Circle of Friends (Annual Giving and Membership)

Join a group of friends who are dedicated to the protection and conservation of the hill country area!

If you are renewing your gift this year, please consider increasing your giving level!  You will see additional membership benefits, but more importantly, your investment bears dividends for years to come.  You are helping us provide exceptional life enhancing educational opportunities for children and adults while caring for the Cibolo Creek and wilderness areas of the preserve.

Our monthly program of giving is an integral part of our support and provides the CNC with reliable resources throughout the year. It's a convenient and cost-efficient donation plan for you - and for the CNC.

Children's Education Support:  Your donation will be used to help fund our Outdoor Classroom program including scholarships for Title 1 schools in the surrounding area.

Bridging Our Community Project ("The Bridge") - In Memory of Peter and Cooper Bond

Your donations will help build a secure bridge for pedestrian access across the Cibolo Creek, connecting the Cibolo Nature Center and the Herff Farm. This project is a labor of love as a lasting tribute to the memory of Peter and Cooper Bond.

Tribute Giving

In Honor Of.....Show someone how special they are by giving a gift in their honor.  Celebrate life and its most important moments such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.  Your tax deductible gift is an excellent way to recognize those important to you by contributing to the protection of our vanishing wilderness areas and our natural resources.

In Memory Of.....Provide a lasting tribute on behalf of a loved one in your life.  Give a gift of remembrance that will make a difference.  Your tax deductible donation will help the Cibolo Nature Center continue educating others on conservation and land stewardship.

General Endowment: Your donation will be applied to a fund that will allow the Cibolo Nature Center to operate and thrive for many years to come.

Research Endowment: Your donation will support a fund that is used for the vital research of land management practices that are in use at the Cibolo Nature Center.

The Brandon Gallagher-Manning Memorial Fund is managed by the San Antonio Area Foundation, a 501(c)3. From the Brandon Fund an annual grant is awarded to the Friends of the Cibolo Wilderness (Cibolo Nature Center) in support of their mission..."to promote the conservation of natural resources through education and stewardship." 

Other Ways to Give

The Nature Center is working to preserve the Texas Hill Country through education, research, land stewardship, and leadership. Support for our programs comes from your generosity.

Join us now in this commitment to the future of the CNC, the education of our children, and the protection of the wildlife areas in the hill country!