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Art in Conservation: Drawing from Nature 10/12


Art in Conservation: Drawing from Nature 10/12

Herff Farm | 10:00am-12:00pm


Observing the natural world is like allowing your eyes to draw what you see without using a pencil, as you carefully follow the outlines of the shapes, textures, and details. The Art of Drawing is simply a form of mark-making. With the practice of the basic skills; of blind contour, proportion, value, and detail, we learn to draw what we see through our interpretation. We develop a new awareness and appreciation of the natural beauty in the world around us.

Join us every Wednesday at 10 am in the Herff House on 33 Herff Rd.

About the Artists/Instructors:

Jeannette MacDougall is a graduate of Parsons School of Art in NYC and is an instructor at Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas, for 30 years. Most recently, she served as the Curator/Instructor at Intermezzo Gallery. She is accomplished in drawing and painting in various media, and her art work is widely collected. As a professional artist and art educator, she finds great inspiration and joy in sharing her methods and experiences with those ready to tap into their own dreams of self-expression through art exploration.

She is a classically trained Master of Art in Teaching instructor who brings her own brand of foundational studies in drawing and watercolor classes this summer. She and Jeanette are committed to see the Art in Conservation Series blossom into a full-fledged program for our local artists, inspired by the beauty of our protected wild areas.

Rebecca Burritt began her art studies at her beloved Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge, NY, taking classes at Cooper Union in New York City and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, before she found her path at the Barnstone Studios. She fell in love with Myron Barnstone’s method of art instruction, which aimed to teach artists the valuable knowledge of classical drawing and design used by the masters, knowledge that is lost in most contemporary art curriculum. After mastering Barnstone’s rigorous training in classical drawing and design, Rebecca found her passion for helping students develop and excel as Myron’s teaching assistant. Armed with her desire to bring classical art foundations back to art education, she went on to receive a BA in Studio Art from Smith College, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has taught at various educational institutions, including Waldorf and Montessori. More recently, she will be teaching at the Hill Country Atelier in Ingram, TX, and at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio this fall. Nothing gives her greater satisfaction and pride than to watch her students discover their own unique artistic voices emerge from a mastery of the foundational concepts of art.


COST: $50 per class (advance registration is preferred)

Each class is limited to 10 ppl and is suitable for children ages 12 and up.

*Limited supplies available for first-time participants. A supply list is available for repeat participants.

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