The Cibolo Nature Center & Farm has a new name — same great mission.


Wellness in Nature Workshops


Wellness in Nature Workshops

Herff Farm | 2:00pm-3:00pm


Wellness in Nature Series: Free Workshops

We are so excited to bring you a new series of programs that allow people to use nature as a more intentional wellness tool.
Throughout October, we will launch a pilot program with free workshops to help those wanting to learn more about the healing powers of nature.
We are delighted to launch these classes in collaboration with Trellis Counseling.

This is the first step in breaking down stigma. It starts right here in our community’s beloved backyard, the Cibolo Center for Conservation, especially in the breathtaking gardens in views at Herff Farm.

The workshops will be limited to 20 people per workshop to give people space and a platform for these sensitive topics. The workshop series, which opens on October 8, 2022, will speak to:

  • Mindfulness for Anxiety: Outdoor Experiences to Decompress on October 8th, 2022 <—click the date to register
  • Kids. Nature. Feelings: Using character to understand emotions, big and small, on October 15th, 2022 <—click the date to register

Program UPDATE: Class for Oct. 22nd

Build Your Own Healing Garden: Using nature to process anxiety, grief, and other challenging journeys

This workshop is designed for all ages and ability levels, regardless of gardening knowledge or experience. We’ll review and normalize some of the more challenging emotions people can journey through (such as anxiety, grief and others), and then learn to build a garden specifically designed for our mental health in mind. We’ll discuss the science behind why gardening reduces anxiety and depression, as well as experience the benefits of sensory soothing throughout our build. By the end of the workshop, you’ll take home a miniature version of something you can continue to nurture or replicate in your own nature space!

Each workshop will provide interactive components that educate, provoke interest, and elicit interaction.

Meet in the Teaching Barn on select Saturdays starting at 2 pm.

“All workshop materials, guidance and information are strictly educational, not therapy or counseling, nor a substitute for mental healthcare.”