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Virtual: Introduction to Birding for Adults


Virtual: Introduction to Birding for Adults

Cibolo Nature Center | 6:00pm-8:00pm


Do you enjoy watching birds in your own backyard and neighborhood? Do you find birds interesting and beautiful? Would you like to move beyond casual birding and develop more expertise in looking at birds, categorizing birds, and recognizing common birds—and perhaps even develop bird watching into an engaging hobby? If so, then this class is for you. It will help prepare your mind for birding by teaching you how to see and what to look for before you go into the field. It will also suggest appropriate tools for birding and offer basic instruction in using them effectively.

Avid Audubon birders and Alamo Chapter Texas Master Naturalists Tom and Patsy Inglet will share tools, tips, and techniques that will allow you to build your birding skills. From how to find birds to the tools and clues that will help you identify them, this workshop provides the information and practice that you need to help you get started in birding.

The class consists of 2 hours of instruction including some guided practice. Come let us help you find your wings as a birder.


$5 per person


Laurie Brown