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Back to the (Future of) Nature: Mental Wellness Series for Teens Coming to The Cibolo 

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Back to the (Future of) Nature: Mental Wellness Series for Teens Coming to The Cibolo 

By: Gillian Rodriguez, MA, LPC, CEO Trellis Counseling & Co. PLLC 

Many of us are guilty of thinking it, maybe even saying it out loud. This generation of teens and emerging adults is different. This is usually in reference to the convergence of mental health challenges and the digital mono-existence of teens online today. This summer, The Cibolo Center for Conservation Center in partnership with Trellis Counseling & Co. PLLC is offering something in support of these kids; something that nourishes their minds and gets them back to nature, blending the two in a workshop series designed exclusively for this season of life.  

Integrative, Innovative Collaboration 

One of the features of this series is that it’s truly one-of-a-kind. Upon opening my practice last year, I approached The Cibolo because it has always been a place of wellness and refuge for me personally. It is a place for reflection, pause, metamorphosis, invigoration and vitality. Mental wellness is paramount to self-sustainability, and then that builds up to a healthy community, which The Cibolo champions throughout the year in its array of educational programming. Leveraging environment and conservation seemed a natural (pun intended) way to blend the internal self with external health. 

This series focuses on teens and emerging adults because I noticed a trend in my incoming client referrals. Teens, younger and younger, being referred for a plethora of challenges and troubles. In Texas, suicide is the second leading cause of death between ages 15-24, and less than a year after opening, 95% of my caseload is between ages 13 and 21.  

I remembered how hard it was for me in my adolescent years, and that was before the onslaught of social media, COVID-19, and much of the mass violence that appears across both digital and real landscapes. You’re right, this generation is different, and maybe it isn’t as important to find fault as it is to create support. Our teens need us, Boerne, and this collaboration is a show of compassionate care to the future generation of nature-loving, community stewards.  

Some of the highlights of the workshop series include: Emotional Regulation & Stress Management, Interpersonal Communication & Social Skills, Creating a Mental Wellness Toolkit, Self-Care Practices, and more…designed exclusively for teens and emerging adults. This series is FREE to attend, and registration is required online. Our first workshop will be Saturday, June 3rd at 1:00 in the Teaching Garden at the Herff Farm.   

Learn more about each workshop and sign up here!

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