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The Cibolo Center for Conservation is supported by friends like you who want to educate, celebrate, and preserve nature for the enjoyment of future generations. We invite you to join the Cibolo community by making a donation today.

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The Cibolo Center for Conservation is deeply committed to a future where our Hill Country lands and waters remain pristine for the wildlife and people who depend on them.

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The Cibolo Center for Conservation mission is to promote the conservation of natural resources through education and stewardship.

We transform lives through the love of nature, welcoming visitors into a beautiful natural Hill Country setting for nature education, enriching community experiences, and environmental research in action.

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Read the Summer Edition of the Upstream

We envisioned this new Learning Village as a home for our growing Nest Nature School and as a vibrant hub for community engagement and activity. Thanks to the time, talent and generosity of many friends, the longtime dream has now become a reality.

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Porcupines: Living and Learning on Your Land

Porcupines can cause some economic loss in the form of expensive tree loss and veterinarian bills. Be vigilant when looking at your property. Look for gnawing and or an unusual accumulation of leaves at irregular times of the year. Porcupines are quiet by nature but will always travel to higher ground when in doubt—contact your local wildlife removal experts for help.

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Partnerships Bring Garden to Life at Boerne Middle School North

“It’s an amazing feeling to see how bright our future is with young conservationists standing before us. They are excited and they are learning the importance of our part in this world. One tiny seed can make way for an entire ecosystem”, said Waltz. What started as one small hope has turned in to a city-wide dream. Truth be told, it does take a village.

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Community Developments Partner with The Cibolo
to Encourage Residents to Get Outside and Play

our Community Development Membership Program with Boerne’s master-planned communities, Esperanza and Miralomas, has provided new residents with a complimentary two-year family membership to the Cibolo.

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 Nature benefits our Health

Spending sufficient time in nature, about five hours a month as measured by a Finnish study, reduces stress levels and improves our concentration and creativity as measured by tests before and after nature walks.  This seems to happen because spending time in nature allows our minds to “rest.” 

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 We Are All in This Drought Together

The drought we are experiencing is already so severe that some Ashe juniper “Cedar” trees are drying out and starting to turn brown, indicating that deep soil moisture is depleted.  This, along with the recent fires at Camp Bullis and Medina County, suggest that we would be wise to prepare for possible wildfire.  

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 Small-town Boerne works to preserve resources as development gobbles Hill Country land 

The Cibolo Center for Conservation in Boerne is a result of their efforts, and also the center of growing influence to guard against uncontrolled growth that threatens the natural resources sustaining an entire region.

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Living a full life, en masse, as sisters

Identical twin sisters Juanita Herff Chipman and Carolyn Herff Kennon say that, after a century of
sisterhood, they “never fought,” or, “if we did, we don’t remember.”

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Boerne’s twin centurions

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Our Earth Day Birthday

In the Spring of 1988, the Cibolo Nature Center opened in grand style, with our Earth Day celebration shown on national television.

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Kind Words From Our Visitors
A wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature with the grandchildren!
Kind Words From Our Visitors
Beautiful walks along Cibolo Creek. Lovely way to spend a beautiful afternoon outside.
Kind Words From Our Visitors
Such a peaceful spot and the temperature change down at the creek is such a welcome relief in the summer. We've been coming here for years as a family, and it's a place where peace and tranquility ooze.
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