The Cibolo Nature Center & Farm has a new name — same great mission.


Resilient Boerne

To learn more about our Resilient Boerne Initiative, please contact

Ben Eldredge, Director of Conservation

We promote conservation practices and policies for a resilient Boerne and Hill Country now and into the future. 

In response to the significant population growth expected across Texas and our region, the Cibolo Center for Conservation promotes the economic benefit of conservation and thoughtful growth strategies for our treasured Texas community.

Resilient Boerne Initiative

By establishing strong policies informed by conservation in Boerne, we are creating a model community for the future of natural resource conservation in Texas.

We seek to continue implementation of a strategy to inform local policy, with community input, and create a model for environmental stewardship and smart development in Boerne and Kendall County. It is our hope that this community conservation model will promote the sustained ability of our region to use and equitably make available resources, including water, energy, transportation, and food, and to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations.

Our Resilient Boerne Initiative has four key goals:

  1. Support conservation planning, practices and policies in Boerne and Kendall County through research, stewardship and civic engagement
  2. Establish a Boerne Internet of Water public data dashboard and data hub to inform future decisions regarding water in Kendall County 
  3. Establish Boerne/Kendall County as a demonstration model for community conservation initiatives for Hill Country and beyond
  4. Engage communities and community leaders to promote the economic and quality of life value of conservation efforts across the Texas Hill Country

Our Boerne Internet of Water project is conducted in close partnership with the University of Texas at Austin Planet Texas 2050, Duke University Internet of Water, and the City of Boerne. This project will create a water data hub and public dashboard for Kendall County that will allow community stakeholders at all levels to access water data to make decisions that can affect the community in the immediate and for years to come.

We are grateful for the generous support for this project from the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation and the Still Water Foundation.