The Cibolo Nature Center & Farm has a new name — same great mission.



Educator Professional Development

Learn how to make nature a part of how you educate.

Learn how to teach your students outdoors with professional development in a beautiful setting with our hands-on, dynamic workshops.

To learn more about our Educator Professional Development or Outdoor Learning programs

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Taking the Classroom Outdoors

For over 30 years, the Cibolo has been a leader in providing quality outdoor education for children, teenagers and adults.  We also believe in sharing knowledge and ideas.  That’s why we offer professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators, and homeschool parents.  Whether you’re a formal educator interested in learning a supplementary skill, a homeschool parent wanting to add to your arsenal of tools, or an administrator wanting to provide a team-building opportunity for your teachers, we’re here for you! Choose from a wide variety of topics and themes to find the training that is right for you and your team.

We know now that spending time outdoors improves academic, social and emotional outcomes for children.  Our Professional Development Retreats will show you why and how, all while providing space for you to reconnect with nature yourself.

Potential Topics Include:

  • The Case for Outdoor Education
  • How to Be an Outdoor Educator
  • Classroom Management Outdoors
  • Outdoor Science Lessons*
  • Hands-on Experiments*
  • Mathematics in Nature*
  • Teaching in the Garden
  • Plant and Soil Biology*
  • Entomology: Pollinators and Beyond*