The Cibolo Nature Center & Farm has a new name — same great mission.


A Message from our CEO: You Make a Difference


A Message from our CEO: You Make a Difference

By Carolyn Chipman Evans

All around us there is change—more traffic, more noise, more buildings. Even at the Cibolo there has been a great deal of change. We have been creating a school, finishing out the Farm, and growing our programs. We too have kicked up some dust. But the dust has settled, and now is the time for the nature school to settle into its new space, the gardens to flourish, the programs to inspire, and for us to remember why we are here.

As I stood under the great cypress trees that moved me so long ago, I remembered the promise I made to myself and to the Cibolo. This place, these lands and waters are precious to us, and to our future generations, but they were not protected or cared for. I promised then, as I do now, to make sure these giants that shade our children, clean our water, provide home to raven and red shouldered hawks are protected and revered. It is a small thing, but it is what we can do. And it makes a difference.

Our work is now bigger than ever, and we will not let up. The pressures of a growing population and changing world are upon us, and we must remember what we are working for—the owl, the butterfly, the trees, the clear water, the future of our children and all we hope they will know and love.

Support the Cibolo this year-end— it truly takes a Circle of Friends to do this big work, and we need you more than ever to help make the world a little gentler, a little safer, a little kinder, with room for clear water and big trees.

Thank you for your love, care and support!

Carolyn Chipman Evans

Chief Executive Officer