The Cibolo Nature Center & Farm has a new name — same great mission.


School Programs

Outdoor Classroom – Field Trips

Bring your class or group to the Cibolo Nature Center or Herff Farm for a hands-on learning adventure to remember!

Reconnect your students with Nature at the Cibolo Center for Conservation in three customized field trips options. 

To register or learn more about our Field Trips and Outdoor Learning programs or to create a customized group program for your group:

Please contact or call (830) 249-4616.


$7 per participant (includes adults and children age 3 and up)
Note: A minimum of 10 program participants is required.


Limited to a small number of participants per day. COVID-19 safety requirements are in place, and masks or face coverings on participants ages ten and up within six feet of one another are required by state mandate. To learn more about our safety requirements, please review our practices here.

Outdoor Classroom In-Person Field Trips

Fall Semester: M-F Oct. 20th to Dec 3rd  

Spring Semester: M-F Feb 21st to May 20th   

The Cibolo offers a variety of educational opportunities for grades K-12 or for homeschool groups with customized outdoor hands-on learning. Through TEKS-aligned lessons immersed in the natural beauty of our campuses, students can experience deep connection to nature while also applying classroom learning in our many ecosystems. Picnic tables, water fountains, and restrooms are available, and groups can bring lunch to eat. 

All of our field trips can be virtual or on-site and can be customized to suit your needs to include:  

  • Nature hikes to explore our ecosystems and gardens.
  • Activities that integrate science, reading, writing, math and art 
  • Citizen science such as: monarchs, water quality testing, insect surveys 
  • Service-learning opportunities such as: invasive species removal, garden projects, trail maintenance 
  • Outdoor recreation such as archery and fishing 
  • Youth leadership and team-building activities  
  • Virtual pre-visit preparation and post-visit follow-up by Cibolo educators 

Outdoor Classroom Virtual Field Trips

Time to active your classroom to get outdoors and engage in conservation. Each virtual field trip includes a 1-hour environmental virtual presentation with a conservation education staff. We will explore our gardens and wild spaces at the Cibolo Nature Center or Herff Farm. This program includes an observation journal with a themed community science project fit for the outdoors at the schoolyard, home, local parks, green spaces, or even at the Nature Center or Herff Farm. We can work with any grade k-12.  

$120.00 per classroom. (Average 20-28 students) We accept Homeschool Groups, Scouts, and Clubs.  

Choose your Adventure:

  • Pollinator Protector– Get a deeper look into the world of butterflies, bees, wasp, beetles, flies, hummingbirds, and so many more. Learn about how you can find pollinators, why they are essential to our survival, and how to help save them. This program also includes a Journey North project. 
  • Garden Scientist – Let’s dive into the world of soil and plants as we examine the effects of erosion, overgrazing, and drought and look at ways plants adapt to help. The program includes a plant monitoring project.   
  • Bird Champion– Birds are everywhere, but they need our help. Let’s hit the field and learn how to look for birds and find out what you can do to help scientists make the world a better place for birds. The program includes a birding logbook and E-bird project.  
  • Water Researcher– We will touch on the water cycle and look at the effects of extreme weather together. Learn what actions your class can take to help our water. Learn to test water for traces of pollution and learn about the organisms that call it home. The program includes a rain gauge monitoring project.   
  • Ecosystems Explorer– By examining distinct Texas ecosystems at the Cibolo Center for Conservation, we can look at what parts a healthy ecosystem needs to thrive. Learn how to look for the effects of pollution and take that back to your classroom. The program includes a mosquito monitoring program. (yes, that’s right, a mosquito monitoring program)

Nature to Your School Outreach Program 

Bring the Cibolo Center for Conservation Outdoor Classroom to your school for a conservation education presentation that will activate and engage your classroom’s outdoor learning space. We will provide a classroom outreach to each class in an outdoor area on your school grounds. Our program includes environmental nature conservation focused inquiry-based presentations, exciting interactives, and community science projects to your classroom. We can work with any grade k-12.  

$120.00 per classroom. (Average 20-28 students) We accept Homeschool Groups, Scouts, and Clubs.  

Choose your Adventure:

  • Saving Species– Let’s look at animal adaptations, identification, and classification by getting up close to some of our ambassador animals from the Cibolo Center for Conservation. Develop your observation skills while doing ethograms in different habitats found on your campus. Learn how you can make a difference by uploading photos to iNaturalist.  
  • Tiny Perfect Things Art in Nature –Take a walk around your campus to see how nature truly is all around. Look for the little pieces of nature to help you create a beautiful work of art and a story to go along with it. Dive into the science of chromatography and learn how leaves change color. Use programs like iNaturalist and eBird to log what you see. (Will encapsulate art and creative writing)    
  • Climate Change Challenge– Human activity is changing the face of our planet and affecting our climate. Through hands-on experiments and activities, we will gain a better grasp of what climate change is and how we can help slow down the effects we have on it. Practice monitoring the weather and learn how to become involved with the Community Collaborative of Rain, Hail, and Snow Network with NOHA and upload your weather data for everyday use by meteorologists, agriculturists, and others.  
  • Microscopic World –Jump behind the lens of a pocket microscope and explore your school grounds. Learn about the nature that is all around us, even in the smallest of ways. Use iNaturalist to record some of your findings. We’ll use a magnifying glass to take a closer look at the creek water brought to your campus. We can even compare the life found in the creek water to any water we find around your campus.

You may register for field trips on either one of our two campuses:  

Cibolo Nature Center

140 City Park Road, Boerne, TX 78006

Activities can take place in the Tall Grass Prairie, Riparian Forest, Spring-Fed Marsh or Live Oak Savannah.  

Possible topics include: Life cycles, earth science, adaptations, conservation principles, scientific investigation, biodiversity, habitats, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, water cycle, water quality, watersheds, invertebrates, pollution, soil, and orienteering. 

Herff Farm

33 Herff Road, Boerne, TX 78006

Activities can take place in the Teaching Garden, the Chicken Schoolyard, the Inspiration Garden, the Oak Motte, the Monarch Meadow, and the Historic Barn and Herff Homestead.   

Possible topics include: chicken care, plant and soil biology, gardening, composting with worms, sustainable living, life cycles, and food systems.

More Information

What grades do your field trips serve?

Grades K-12. We can create standard or customized field trips for students.

How do I schedule my field trip?

Please contact us at or call (830) 249-4616.

How much does it cost?

Outdoor Classroom field trips cost $6.00 per student and chaperone; teachers are free. The Cibolo offers full and partial scholarships to Title I schools.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Please contact us at: or call (830) 249-4616.

Do you offer accommodations for my special needs students?

Yes, we do. Please reach out to Laurie Brown, our Director of Outdoor Learning at to discuss your students’ needs to ensure they have an optimal experience.