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Water Security

Strategies for a Resilient Community

Reclaimed Water

Municipal wastewater treatment plants can convert wastewater into Type 1 reclaimed water, which can then be used for irrigation. The surface application of wastewater effluent can benefit creeks and streams by preventing the direct discharge of nitrates and phosphates that pollute streams, create algal blooms, and harm wildlife. This solution also increases the utility of each molecule of water. However, it is best to install the reuse line when installing septic lines to ensure cost-efficiency.

Residential & Commercial Greywater

Greywater systems can double the utility of a molecule of water while also reducing the size of a municipality’s septic lines and wastewater treatment facilities, providing cost savings to municipalities.

Greywater can be routed straight to landscaping or a holding tank, or through simple filtration systems to remove large particles often generated by washing machines.  

Greywater can also be highly polished and used for swimming pools, washing machines, and toilets by running it through new technologies like the Hydraloop.   Further research may demonstrate that further processing this polished greywater using osmosis may restore its potability.

Rainwater Harvesting

Every new structure can be built to be rainwater harvest-ready. This can be accommodated by a simple inlet valve on each new home that allows harvesters to switch between municipal or well water and rainwater.  Back-flow preventers should be used to restrict harvested rainwater from flowing back into public water supplies or wells. 

Rainwater is simple to treat with basic filtration to remove biological contaminants (leaves, for example) and ultraviolet light to remove pathogens.  Inline pumps can provide pressure and ensure a simple and compact system. 

As an ancillary benefit, landowners who install rainwater harvest systems can also reduce run-off from their property, thereby contributing to storm-water management.